Our Company

We have come a long way since 1993 and today, Nilai Landscape (278341-K) has established itself as a leader in landscaping and horticultural services, paving the way to a greener, healthier future via innovative and creative landscaping techniques and designs. 

30 Years of Experience

Years of Experience

800+ Satisfaction of Clients

Satisfaction of Clients

100+ Portfolios


Our Values

Our Values

  • Trust and Openness
  • Mutual Respect 
  • Quality 
  • Excellence 
  • Customer Orientated
Our Mission

Our Mission

To be a leading professional corporation who is client centric, delivers premier landscape design, implementation works, maintenance services and general cleaning services with unprecedented quality standard to increase the real estate value of the properties.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work place for all our employees and visitors. We comply with all relevant legislation to ensure that the safety, health and welfare of all our employees are not compromised. 

We believe that safety and health is both and individual and shared responsibility of ALL employees. We place safety and health on a priority equal to all company revenues. 



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