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Abundant Wealth
RM18.00 RM15.30
Drain Cover Heavy Duty
RM36.30 RM30.80
Drain Cover
RM18.50 RM15.70
Hand saw
RM19.10 RM16.20
Carpet Grass
RM3.00 RM2.65
Gardening 5 in 1
RM13.00 RM11.05
Black Soil
RM2.00 RM2.10
Organic Vegimix
RM12.50 RM10.60
RM25.00 RM21.20


All kind of trees, palms, shrubs, ferns and ground Covers

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Abundant Wealth
- Common name: Lotus bamboo - Table top plant with less watering and require semi-shade area...
RM18.00 RM15.30
Alphelandra sinclairiana
- Common name: Coral Aphelandra - Requires lots of water and prefers semi-shade. *Note: I..
RM13.50 RM11.45
Araucaria Excelsa
- Synonym: Araucaria excelsa - Prefers full sun and moderate watering - Can grow up to 50..
RM54.00 RM45.80
Bougainvilla spp.
- Bougainvillea shrubs - Common name is 'Bunga Kertas' - Can be planted in full sunlight ..
RM6.50 RM5.50
Brunfelsia calycina
- Common name: Yesterday-Today & Tomorrow (YTT) - Spec: 1' Overall height - Slow grow..
RM4.50 RM3.80
Calathea lutea
- Requires lots of water and occasional spraying of pesticide - Semi-shade plant - Spec:3..
RM9.00 RM7.65
Canaga Odorata 3' OH
- Family Name: Annonaceae - Common name: Ylang Ylang, Kenanga - It is fast-growing tree w..
RM29.00 RM24.60
Canna spp.
- Flower colour: Red, pink, yellow, orange or mix - Require very low maintenace - Can be ..
RM5.50 RM4.65
Carpet Grass
- Carpet grass planted in polybag - Also known as Philippine grass - Size 1' x 2' - L..
RM3.00 RM2.65
- Family Name: Amaranthaceae - Common Name: Woolflower, Plumed Cockscomb - Common annual ..
RM4.50 RM3.80
Chrysalidocarpus lutescens
- Common name: Yellow palm - Spec: 3' Overall height - Requires semi-shade and moderate w..
RM18.50 RM15.70
Codieum sp.
- Family: Euphorbiaceae - Common name: Croton - Requires direct sunlight and moderate wat..
RM11.00 RM9.35
Codieum spp
- Low maintenance plant, commonly use as hedge plant in landscaping, prefers full sun and require..
RM9.00 RM7.65
- Height: 1' - 1.5' Overall height - Available in polybag size: 8 x 8 - Requires direct s..
RM5.00 RM4.25
Cuphea hyssopifolia
- Ground cover plant - Available in 2 Colours of flowers (Purple and White) - Suitable fo..
RM3.00 RM2.55
Curry Leaf
-Scientific name: Murraya koenigii - Requires full sunlight and moderate watering. - Typi..
RM6.50 RM5.50
Dracaena Florida Beauty
- Common name: Japanese Bamboo, Gold Dust Plant - Slow growth plant, suitable for table plant..
RM9.00 RM7.60
Duranta Gold
- Common name: Forget-Me- Not, Golden Dewdrop, Pigeon Berry, Sky flower - Requires moderate w..
RM3.50 RM3.00
Durian Belanda
- Scientific name: Annona muricata - Spec:1' Overall Height - Requires direct sunlight an..
RM5.50 RM4.65
- Polybag size: 10 x 10 - Low maintenance plant with white flowers - Require full sunligh..
RM5.50 RM4.65
Euodia dwarf
- Comon name: Tong Emas - Can be used as hedge plant, low maintenance - Polybag size: 10 ..
RM9.00 RM7.65
Euphorbia milli
- Common name is Crown of thorn, "Pokok Mak Datin" - Flower Colour: Red, yellow, cream white ..
RM13.50 RM11.45
Excoecaria Bicolor
- Used as heedge or grown cover - To be planted under full sunlight - Leaves comes in var..
RM5.00 RM4.25
ficus Bonsai (3' OH)
- Species: Ficus microcarpa - Spec: 3' OH - 'S' shaped * Note: Price is inclusive of ..
RM120.00 RM101.80
Ficus Gold
- Used as hedge - Easy to prune - Easy to maintain - Can be planted under full sunlig..
RM2.50 RM2.10
Ficus Lyrata 3'OH
- Family: Moraceae - Common name: Fiddle-leaf fig - Commonly grown as houseplant - It..
RM36.00 RM30.50
Fittonia mini
- Table top plant - Suitable for indoors or semi shade - Small herbaceous plant - Var..
RM7.10 RM6.00
Furcraea gigantea
- Common name: Giant False Agave - Spec: 1' Overall height - An evergreen parennial shrub..
RM14.50 RM12.30
Hibiscus Hawaii
- Plant has flower with various colours: Either Orange, Yellow, Red or Pink - Size of the flo..
RM9.00 RM7.65
Iris spp.
- Ornamental flowers which is yellow in colour. - Prefers direct sun for flowering, low maint..
RM5.00 RM4.25
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