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HS - Baja 55 (400g)
- Contains: 12% Nitrogen (N), 18% Phosphorus (P), 25% Potassium (K) and Trace Element - Funct..
RM3.50 RM3.00
HS - Baja Garden Magic (1kg)
- Special blended fertilizer with 3 functions and it is very effective as a flowering inducer, gr..
RM12.00 RM10.20
Humus 27 (400g)
- Contents: 8% (N), 8% (P), 8% (K) - Able to improve soil texture and aeration, increase soil..
RM5.00 RM4.25
Iris spp.
- Ornamental flowers which is yellow in colour. - Prefers direct sun for flowering, low maint..
RM5.00 RM4.25
Ixora dwarf
- Polybag size: 8 x 8 - Flower colour: White and pink - Require full sunlight for outdoor..
RM4.00 RM3.40
Ixora spp.
- Common name: Bunga siantan - Height: 2' Overall Height, - Polybag size: 8 x 8 - Flo..
RM4.00 RM3.40
Jasmin Thai
- Fragrant flowering plant - Loves sunlight and can be planted outdors - Requires moderat..
RM4.80 RM4.10
Jawa palm
- Requires semi-shade and moderate water. - Spec: 3' Overall Height - Used as indoor pott..
RM27.00 RM22.90
KJ2 Mixed Design
- Ceramic Pot - Dimension: 34 cm (Diameter) x 33 cm (Height) - Have different types of de..
RM10.00 RM8.50
Lantana Camara
- Common name: Bunga tahi ayam - Low maintenance plants. - Requires direct sunlight for f..
RM4.50 RM3.80
- Scientific name: Plectranthus ' Mona Lavender' - Requires semi-shade and moderate watering ..
RM10.00 RM8.50
Luecophyllum Frutescens
- Common name: Barometer Bush - Require minimum water and easily to shape into nice hedge ..
RM8.50 RM7.20
- Scientific name: Garcinia mangostana - Family: Guttiferae - It can grows up to 25 m hei..
RM13.00 RM11.05
Massage Slab
- Concrete slab with pebbles for therapeutic reflexology. - Size 1'x1' and 1.5'' (Dia.) appro..
RM14.50 RM12.30
Mini Rabbit
- Decorative accessories for garden or mini garden. - Size: 8 cm (L) - Made off concrete ..
RM9.00 RM7.65
Mini Turtle E5559
- Little cute tortoise for outdoor or indoor garden decoration. - Size: 8 cm (L) - Made o..
RM6.50 RM5.50
Money Plant (N)
- Scientific name: Epiprenum aureum - Suitable for table top plant. - Requires lots of wa..
RM6.50 RM5.50
Money Plant Hanging
- Scientific name: Epipremnum  aureum - Requires lots of water and semi-shade area. ..
RM11.00 RM9.35
Money plant stick
- Scientific name: Epipremnum aureum - Suitables for indoor potted plants. - Requires sem..
RM43.00 RM36.15
Money plant Stick 2' OH
- Scientific name: Epipremnum aureum. - Spec: 2' Overall Height. - These are climbing fol..
RM14.50 RM12.30
Morebloom 55 (400g)
- Content: 8% (N), 16% (P), 24% (K) - Induce the flowers to bloom with abundance and also bri..
RM6.50 RM5.50
Multipurpose garden scissors
- Hedge shear - High carbon steel blade - Heat treatment with non-stick finish blade ..
RM34.50 RM29.30
Mushroom 3 in 1
- 3 in 1 Tarazo white - Used for outdoor garden accessory - Made of concrete * Note: ..
RM144.00 RM122.10
Mussaenda sp.
- Family: Rubiaceae - Common name: Dwarf Mussaenda, White wing - It grows in direct sunli..
RM5.00 RM4.25
- Scientific Name: Artocarpus heterophyllus - Family: Moraceae - It will bear fruit in th..
RM7.00 RM5.95
Neem Spray
- Organic Insect Repellent or organic pesticide (chemical free) - For control of insect pest ..
RM15.00 RM12.70
Neem Tree
- Spec: 1' OH - Scientific name: Azadirachta indica - Family: Meliaceae - Fast growin..
RM5.50 RM4.70
Orchid 3 Holes Pot
- Ceramic pot - Dimension: 10''  (Diameter) x 8'' (Height) * Note: Price is inclusiv..
RM4.00 RM3.40
Orchid Pot- 1 Hole
- Suitable for orchid plant. - Size: 15 cm (Dia.) x 8 cm (Height) * Note: Price is inclus..
RM2.00 RM1.70
Organic Vegimix
- It is organic soil that are suitable for plant vegetables. - Environmentally friendly witho..
RM12.50 RM10.60
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