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Araucaria Excelsa
- Synonym: Araucaria excelsa - Prefers full sun and moderate watering - Can grow up to 50..
RM54.00 RM45.80
Bougainvilla spp.
- Bougainvillea shrubs - Common name is 'Bunga Kertas' - Can be planted in full sunlight ..
RM6.50 RM5.50
- Polybag size: 10 x 10 - Low maintenance plant with white flowers - Require full sunligh..
RM5.50 RM4.65
Furcraea gigantea
- Common name: Giant False Agave - Spec: 1' Overall height - An evergreen parennial shrub..
RM14.50 RM12.30
Ixora spp.
- Common name: Bunga siantan - Height: 2' Overall Height, - Polybag size: 8 x 8 - Flo..
RM4.00 RM3.40
Jasmin Thai
- Fragrant flowering plant - Loves sunlight and can be planted outdors - Requires moderat..
RM4.80 RM4.10
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