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Brunfelsia calycina
- Common name: Yesterday-Today & Tomorrow (YTT) - Spec: 1' Overall height - Slow grow..
RM4.50 RM3.80
Euphorbia milli
- Common name is Crown of thorn, "Pokok Mak Datin" - Flower Colour: Red, yellow, cream white ..
RM13.50 RM11.45
Hibiscus Hawaii
- Plant has flower with various colours: Either Orange, Yellow, Red or Pink - Size of the flo..
RM9.00 RM7.65
Iris spp.
- Ornamental flowers which is yellow in colour. - Prefers direct sun for flowering, low maint..
RM5.00 RM4.25
Ixora dwarf
- Polybag size: 8 x 8 - Flower colour: White and pink - Require full sunlight for outdoor..
RM4.00 RM3.40
Mini Turtle E5559
- Little cute tortoise for outdoor or indoor garden decoration. - Size: 8 cm (L) - Made o..
RM6.50 RM5.50
Neem Tree
- Spec: 1' OH - Scientific name: Azadirachta indica - Family: Meliaceae - Fast growin..
RM5.50 RM4.70
Osmoxylon lineare
- Common name: Green aralia - Requires direct sunlight and moderate watering - Spec: 1- 1..
RM4.50 RM3.85
Sabah Snake grass
- Common name: Belalai Gajah, Sabah Snake grass (Clinacanthus nutans) - It is used as herbal ..
RM4.50 RM3.85
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