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Abundant Wealth
RM18.00 RM15.30
Drain Cover Heavy Duty
RM36.30 RM30.80
Drain Cover
RM18.50 RM15.70
Hand saw
RM19.10 RM16.20
Carpet Grass
RM3.00 RM2.65
Gardening 5 in 1
RM13.00 RM11.05
Black Soil
RM2.00 RM2.10
Organic Vegimix
RM12.50 RM10.60
RM25.00 RM21.20

Gardening Tools

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5 Litre Pump
- Pressure sprayer that ideal for spraying water, fertilizers, herbicide and pesticides. - Fu..
RM88.00 RM74.60
Basic gardening tools
- Hand trovels perfectly used for planting small plants such as annuals, herbs and shrubs. - ..
RM9.00 RM7.65
Black Soil
- Black Soil mixture: Top soil, burn rice husk and cocopeat - Used as planting medium for pla..
RM2.00 RM2.10
Camping Hoe- STC20606
- Height: 2' OH - Commonly used for digging planting holes, removing sod or small amount of s..
RM49.90 RM42.30
- Specially formulated with a strong genicide and disinfectant. - Has an added cleaning agent..
RM22.70 RM19.25
Envoy 250ml
- Insecticide (Class 2) - Active ingredient: Abamectin 1.8% w/w * Note: Price is inclusiv..
RM23.50 RM19.95
Gardener 7L
- Organic soil for planting any plants. - Contain high minerals that are required by the plan..
RM3.50 RM3.00
Gardening 5 in 1
- Organic Soil for planting any type of plants. - Contains: Nutrien rich humus, Red burn soil..
RM13.00 RM11.05
Hand saw
- Length: 20'' with 6 teeth/ 7 point. - The highest quality aloy steel: Teeth set bevel sharp..
RM19.10 RM16.20
Multipurpose garden scissors
- Hedge shear - High carbon steel blade - Heat treatment with non-stick finish blade ..
RM34.50 RM29.30
Organic Vegimix
- It is organic soil that are suitable for plant vegetables. - Environmentally friendly witho..
RM12.50 RM10.60
- Multipurpose soil conditioner. Have pH value: 5.5 - 6.5. - Can improve all type of soil and..
RM25.00 RM21.20
Rat poison
- Active Ingredient: Warfarin 0.05% w/w - Pelleted Rat Poison (pesticide) - Eliminate rat..
RM4.50 RM3.85
Seed - HS
- Available seeds: Tomato cherry, bayam bulat, bayam  merah, bird pepper, celery, Cili Kulai..
RM3.00 RM2.55
Seed Serbajadi
- Available seeds: Brinjal, Long Bean, Cucumber, Tomato, Red Chili, Pak Coy Green, Egg Plant, Lad..
RM3.00 RM2.55
Soil Trowel - Baba 934
- Plastic garden trowel - Commonly use to scoop soil. - Colors: Green * Note: Price i..
RM5.50 RM4.70
Sprayer CHP-09
- Content: 1.5 Litre. - Automatic pressure relief valve to prevent over pressurization. -..
RM24.00 RM20.35
Sprayer- Baba CHP 05
- Content: 1 Litre - Adjustable nozzle: exceptionally fine and even stream - Comfort trig..
RM12.00 RM10.20
Stick 3' - 29017
- Staking stick for climbers plant. - Spec: 3' Overall height * Note: Price is inclusive ..
RM14.50 RM12.30
Support Stick 4' - 29018
- Work as staking stick for climbers plant such as Money plant, Philodendron sp. and Monstera sp...
RM16.00 RM13.60
Tray Semaian - M026 (51 lubang)
- Commonly used for propagate flowers and vegetables from seed. * Note: Price is inclusive of..
RM5.50 RM4.70
Wall hook- WH-8
- Suitable for hanging pot - Available color: Green - Size: 260 mm (L) x 360 mm (W) *..
RM16.50 RM14.00
Watering can (WC-013)
- Dimension: 385 x 105 mm (W) x 189 mm (H) - Content: 2 Litre - Built Tough - UV protecte..
RM13.50 RM11.45
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